Teams Get Messy

Leah Projects  and Wish Solutions facilitate a leadership vision workshop creating something tangible out of the intangible. Acclaimed artist Leah Robinson and Jayne Leslie provide high level management with invigorating leadership options. Empowering the year ahead with more choices, possibilities, inspiration.

We aim to sharpen your ability to influence and inspire your teams through increasing your vision.

Building on the vision established will formalise the vision and create a group goal. The focus will be on the core essence of what each individual brings to the group, the organisation and beyond.

More about Teams Get Messy. Let’s start talking and explore what Teams Get Messy can do for you and your team. Contact us now.

Wish Solutions: Life & leadership coaching for star performers
Wish Solutions provide inspiring personal and professional coaching programs and effective workshops to help individuals and teams reach their potential.  Through dynamic techniques, unique methods and confidential conversations, we strive to ensure that star performers continue to shine.

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