Category: Leah Projects

Volatile – you tube

Video documentation of Volatile interactive installation More about the Volatile project. See the video images and find out how they were created.

Volatile – gallery

Volatile – Interactive Installation Volatile is a research project exploring interactivity in multimedia in an interactive installation exhibition involving networked computers, data projectors and touch screen interface.

Volatile – gallery

Volatile – Interactive installation Video stills These video images were created by making chemical reactions and live liquid paintings.

Metal assemblage – gallery

Ignis Naturalis – metal assemblage and painting These works explores themes of alchemical transmutation.

Digital Imaging – gallery

Alternating + Current – Digital imaging One characteristic of 240 volt electricity is its Alternating Current. This current flows through electrical appliances and communication systems.

Signs – gallery

Signs The Signs series of paintings explores the relationships of resemblance between cosmological symbols and various contemporary signs, for example common road signs.