A fun, live painting activity for Team Building, also ideal for Corporate Events & Parties

Using Jackson Pollock style drip painting technique around large canvases on the ground – the team collaboratively paint a selected theme or idea. They’ll get to express themselves freely, splashing a bit of colour around, going a little wild and getting messy together. The team will:

  • enjoy a fun, creative art experience
  • get inspired with fresh new ideas
  • participate in a positive, open and engaged collaborative environment
  • build bonding and teamwork

The activity produces original artworks that can be installed in your space to create an environment to remind participants of their contribution and the benefits of their teamwork. The artworks can be professionally enhanced and developed. Select from a range of exciting art outcome options.

More about Painting Unleashed in the Park. Let’s start talking and planning your next event. Contact us now.

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