Be extraordinary!. SHE Business

SHE Business team building activity


The team consists of skilled business coaches with their own agendas. The team building session workshopped the SHE Business theme: “Be extraordinary” to explore each individual’s own expression.

  • a sense of team as individuals bringing something dynamic to the team
  • creating a space for strong voices to be heard and recognised, and team contribution to be valued
  • a fun and memorable, creative experience
  • culminating in a visual representation of united team values and company vision


The team building session aligned the team with company vision and values, and focused the team on business goals and purpose. It inspired communication and creative thinking for the quarterly planning meeting following, and ongoingly. It resulted in a tangible collaborative artwork being produced as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved as a team, as a record of each individual’s contribution, and as symbol of united purpose and commitment.

See the project video documentation.