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Painting Unleashed | Leah Projects

Painting Unleashed. Wild - Abstract - Free

Painting Unleashed – Wild – Abstract – Free

A live painting activity at Martin Place amphitheatre Sydney, as part of Robust the Cure for Life Foundation‘s Brain Cancer Action Week, 10 May 2012

Concept and Theme

The resilience of the brain, its physiology, its plasticity, its ability to rewire itself. Neuroscience, brain patterns, and their relationship to the Mandelbrot Set – a fractal visualisation of nature’s recurring forms – from the macro to the micro scale. The fractal is a mathematical pattern of nature that Pollock was the first artist to tap into in his work. This relationship can be demonstrated by the mapping of the fractal image onto his paintings.


Working with Jackson Pollock style drip painting technique around four large canvases on the ground – the group collaboratively paint a selected theme or idea associated with the brain and what it means to them. Sales of the resulting paintings by a live auction follow. All this is set to a lively atmosphere of contemporary jazz music! to engage the public to create collaborative artworks based on brain patterns as inspiration – to see where the mind goes through art to create a space for self-expression, fun and creativity.



  • people experienced being free, powerful, bold and self-expressed in ways unique to themselves
  • a fun and memorable, creative experience was generated
  • a sense of team as individuals working collaboratively was created
  • culminating in a visual representation of united creative self-expression
  • monetary value was created through creative work

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