Oh the places you’ll go!. Painting Unleashed in the Park

Spunky Monkeys Team Building Event

It was a fun and exciting activity that connected the whole team, and used creativity and self expression to move leadership into the next level! 

The team worked collaboratively across the long canvas. The resulting four beautiful drip paintings are now proudly displayed in the centre foyers, each containing the essence of the whole team in the form of their drips and brushwork! The threads of what what came out of the Leadership Day now exist as reminders within the paintings. This essence of vision, leadership and teamwork is communicated to inspire Spunky Monkeys team members future, past and present. A truly connecting outcome for Spunky Monkeys!

“The feedback from our conference was great. The artwork was certainly a highlight for our team. The actual painting part of the session was FANTASTIC. Our team is still talking about it now.”

Kareena Gale, Director Spunky Monkeys


  • Collaborative team building art activity as part of Leadership Conference Day
  • Personal visual expression of the Dr Suess theme: “Oh, the places you’ll go…” using selected colour palette
  • Four framed canvases for Spunky Monkeys centre foyers
  • Digital versions to keep the message alive throughout the coming year

“It was a create way of expressing our own personality and our life path. I loved the idea of creating your own symbol within an art context. Enjoyed the hands on experience. It was a team effort and we all work together. Sharing all our ideas worked well.”


“Great fun, loved the finished work”

“Brilliant & thank you :)”

Spunky Monkeys Team