Miss Mars Made. Simple, cool, refined, quirky, decorative

Mmm… Miss Mars Made food & eating blog. The objective was to create a blog for a young food blogger that is simple, cool, refined and photo-rich.  I worked in conjunction with Hannah Mars to create a site that expresses her handmade individuality and creativity. I had her use her own handwriting for her logo, and used torn foil chocolate wrappers as the background decoration for the site.

“When I started my blog, I knew how I wanted it to look but had no clue how to translate that onto a screen. Leah was so helpful in the way that she totally understood the look that I was after, and made it happen in a way that I never could have on my own. Since Leah is also an artist, she was also great in giving feed back and suggestions for visual aspects of the site, and experimenting with different ways to achieve the perfect look.”

Hannah Mars