Leah Projects Design

From total branding solutions including; beautiful, functional and user-friendly web sites; to smart and clever graphic design that effectively communicates client identity. Leah Projects services include:


Leah Projects is all about the art of communication. Combining design thinking, communications, strategy and creativity to develop meaningful, differentiated and authentic brands, Leah Projects captures brand essence and crafts the message that speaks to your audience. Leah Projects creates exciting on-brand experiences communicating the tangible and intangible attributes that resonate whenever your brand is experienced. Find out more.

Graphic Design

Graphic design for colour printing, logos, posters, publications and more.  Contact Leah to enquire about our reasonable rates.

Web Design & hosting

Leah projects can advise you on the best web design solutions for your needs. We can design, manage and host your web site. Find out more.  Contact Leah to enquire about a free quote.



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