Art for Interior Designers and their Clients – in collaboration with Leah Projects

“Painting Unleashed – Wild  – Abstract – Free”

For Interior Designers and their clients – fun group or family collaboration. As part of your Interior Design project, your clients participate in a guided collaborative painting activity to produce a personalised artwork to hang in their space.

This is an opportunity for Interior Designers to offer something new, exciting and creative to your clients! Leah Projects works with you the Interior Designer and your clients, to develop a customised outcome to suit the requirements of your Interior Design project.

Art communicates ideas.

  • Leah Projects uses your preference for colours, textures, motifs, symbols, stylistic references and imagery to design a fun activity for your clients
  • Your clients get to contribute in a creative and unique way to their own interior design project
  • They get to express themselves creatively, in a fun collaborative activity for the whole family
  • The artwork they produce is installed in their space as a permanent reminder of this unforgettable bonding experience
  • And it’s a decorative addition that communicates the personal and meaningful forever


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Let’s start talking and planning a fun event tailored to suit your Interior Design project and your clients. Show us your swatches!  Contact us now.


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