Alternating + Current –

Art Review by Irena Hatfield

Works by Leah Robinson, Stone Cutters Studios, June 1996

If you don’t want to work your brain and are merely looking for “good old fashioned images”, you’d better give this show a miss.

Leah Robinson a recent fine arts graduate from SCU, has staged an exhibition which calls upon our many senses, including sight, touch and smell. ‘Alternating + Current –‘ features works best viewed at night, as the installation of techno works responds to the glowing energy of heat emanating from five electric radiators mounted on a cold and clinical white brick wall.

On the opposite wall, shimmering fairy lights illuminate a series of  computer mediated images sandwiched between tow sheets of Perspex and mounted upon blocks of charred wood. The spiral glowing patterns created by the radiators’ elements are repeated in tow large oil paintings which explore relationships between ancient signs and symbols  and how they relate to today’s technology.

Other natural elements such as copper and wood have been manipulated to create a number of independent works which hang within their own space. Common to all the works, and life itself, is the strong emphasis upon the emission of energy in it’s many forms, such as rusting, oxidization and burning.

With the intimate space of the Stone Cutters Studio, burning incense and astral music completes the viewer’s total experience of this cerebrally challenging exhibition.

Northern Rivers Echo, Page 14, June 20, 1996

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