What We Do to develop effective Teamwork

We connect people and ideas through creative art experiences –  producing collaborative digital art outcomes as tangible reminders of teamwork, contribution and values.

How We Do That

By engaging teams to collaborate in producing original artworks, professionally enhanced and developed by Leah Projects, that can be installed in your workplace to create an environment to remind staff of their contribution and the benefits of their teamwork.

What You Get

  • Half Day & Full Day Teambuilding art activities
  • Teams of up to 20 people. Large teams also catered for
  • Professionally enhanced artworks (eg. digital, painting, collage, sculpture)
  • Prices based on individual quotations

Tailoring the Program

We design teambuilding session based on your individual requirements:

  • Culture
  • Message
  • Business methods
  • Objectives
  • Innovative and unique programs

Value of Art-based Teambuilding

Whether we start with painting, collage, sculpture, video or photography to visualise your business values, the result is:

  • a fun and engaging collaboration
  • aligns teams and communicates your values or message
  • stimulates communication and creativity around business goals and vision
  • adds value by creating effective teamwork
  • is a tangible reminder for everyone of what can be achieved as a team
  • can be used in various digital media  applications

It’s innovative, creative, dynamic, cutting edge and unique!

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