Leah is committed to being the source of self-expression, creativity and fun for others.

A qualified professional creative artist, trainer and facilitator, Leah has a talent for capturing ideas visually. For Leah art communicates ideas. Producing groundbreaking works using paint and digital media over many years in her own art practice, Leah works with corporate executives and teams using art to connect people and ideas. She designs fun, creative art programs where the team get to create their own artistic experience and share their ideas in a collaborative art activity, producing artworks as tangible reminders of teamwork, contribution and values.

Leah Robinson
Leah creates a uniquely enriching and inspiring environment to engage teams in creative activities that stimulate fresh new thinking. With her expert communication and listening skills, intuitive approach and relaxed manner, Leah’s corporate team building programs are always fun and engaging collaborations. Custom designed to add value by creating effective
teamwork, bonding, alignment, and other team building outcomes for her clients, Leah’s programs provide the added bonus of the collaborative artwork as a permanent reminder for everyone of what can be achieved as a team.

Leah is a passionate artist, a creative spark. She inspires self-expression, confidence and fun as she guides teams to interpret their business missions into visual terms. She uses the artmaking process to elicit from teams their new shared vision, to build a new pathway for their future. Leah has a unique talent to guide teams toward a final art outcome that not only connects each team member right back to their empowering messages encapsulated in it, but also functions as a documentary record of the event and the bonding that comes out of each unique art collaboration, for the whole team. The medium is the message. The message is in the artwork. Leah gives her clients the gift of a magic formula they can use anytime to create a new vision.

“Leah, I thought you were very skillful in teasing out the themes for our group and then having us express them in a very creative way.”

Eli Lilly Australia

Leah is an experienced visual artist of both traditional art and digital media with a background in graphic design, video and photography, through individual projects, as a lecturer and through industry. Leah has taught web design, multimedia, digital photomedia, and new media theory and practice at a number of universities, TAFE colleges and schools. She achieved a Master of Visual Arts in digital media and is a qualified Workplace Trainer and Assessor.


The Signs series of paintings explores the relationships of resemblance between cosmological symbols and various contemporary signs, for example common road signs. Ancient symbols are often unconsciously and subtly embedded into our modern visual world in the form of contemporary signs and symbols. The contemporary meanings they are assigned overlay the deeper more subtly resonating meanings of the past. These works play with this idea by giving contemporary signs an arcane appearance and placing them in context with cosmological symbols. Multiplicities of meaning are created by this juxtaposition and re-contextualisation. New visual languages are established –  new ways of communicating open up.

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